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10 easy ways to make money online apart from your job

If your salary finished in half a month, then you need extra income that you can earn in your free time. Now you have to find some sources that can earn a little in less time then here to make money online is the best way. Here you will get 10 easy ways to make money online apart from your job from which you can earn few bucks.Sometimes it happens that people earn more than salaries but much of this depends on your interest and talent in that field.

earn money online without investment

1. Write an eBook
If you have mastered any subject you can write an ebook on that subject, it is not necessary to have degree or certification of that subject you can write on your hobby also if you have deep knowledge of it. Sit down and write something. An e-book is prepared in just 40 thousand words and the most successful ebook is usually 40 thousand words. It will have to agree that it will take time but write it down a little while.Once you write it your work is done. There are many online platforms that are selling eBooks.You get a bigger share of it.You just have to write a book and submit your ebook for sale and initially give your bank details and after that, you will get the message will keep coming.Amazon is the best place to sell the ebook.

2. Write blog
If you are scared of writing a long ebook, then no matter, blog writing will be fine for you. Here you can write small articles related to your subject.You have to give some time to understand how to write on blogs etc.Once you have got a good number of readers, then you start earning from many ways like Google ads, Associate Marketing, Link Promotion etc.

3. Make YouTub channel
If you have more expertise in speaking than writing then you can start the YouTube channel and earn money by monetizing your video after getting approval from Google Adsense. You can make your video on your hobby and interest like cooking, acting, singing, technology, painting, designing, teaching etc. In the beginning, you have to work hard to make 1000 subscribers and 4000 hrs watch time within a year to get your Adsense account approved.Once your Adsense account is approved the monetization will enable on your videos and ads will be displayed on your videos and you will be paid for those ads.

4. Work as a freelancer
Freelancing is becoming very popular nowadays for those who want to work from home as it gives the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime and for whom you want to work and give very good income. Some people are earning more money than a job here.If you have any skill in programming, designing, writing, data entry then you can earn a lot of money by working as a freelancer.So many websites provide freelancers to like upwork, freelancer, Fiverr, people per hour and work n hire.You can register on these websites, get work and make money apart from your job.

5.Micro Jobs
If you don’t have any skill or specific knowledge in any field then don’t worry you can do micro jobs and earn some money from it.In micro jobs you have to complete some small and easy tasks like watch ads, surveys, captcha filling, form filling, sign up, tweet and share posts, read e-mails, app review, etc.You will get minimum $0.1 for completing one task.Here you cannot become rich from these micro jobs, these types of jobs are best for students and housewife who want to earn some money. By working 3-4 hrs daily you can earn $100-$200 in a month. Amazon mechanical turk, microworkers ,crowdflower, clixsense, neobux, paidverts are best sites which provide such micro jobs, you just go to these sites register there and start earning.I won’t recommend for captcha filling and form filling as it takes much time and the payout is very less.

6 Affiliate marketing 
If you have millions of page like on facebook or millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram then you can earn money by promoting products and affiliate links.There so many online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snap deal, Clickbank that gives commission for selling their products via affiliate links.You just need to make an account on these sites, get affiliate links of products and promote these affiliate links on your facebook page, Instagram, twitter when anyone clicks on these links and buy products then you will get the commission.

7. Buy and Sell domain
It is like property dealing, you need to buy a domain name it will be your property and you can sell it through auction. For example, etc is a domain name. Some popular domains have sold in millions. But before buying any domain name make sure it is not to be listed company’s name, it is illegal and unethical. Try to buy the domain name with .com extension because it is very popular otherwise you can buy with .in,.org,.xyz extension also.You can buy the domain from GoDaddy, bigrock and you can sell domain via auction on GoDaddy, Sedo, and flippa .Some people doing this as a full-time business and they are earning a lot of money.

8. Teaching Online
In the past, in today and tomorrow, this work was the biggest hit and will remain. If you are a master of a subject, then give your knowledge to others as well.Apart from the money, you will also get a certificate of teaching. There is no shortage of employment in this field.You can teach in any coaching center or an institute. All the universities also call the faculty as a guest.You can give home tuition or you can teach children to your home.But this method is offline teaching.Nowadays you can teach online also some websites provide such opportunity.You just make an account on register there and you will get paid hourly for teaching.

9. Photography
Nowadays you can sell photographs online also.If you are a good photographer or if you have any other unique photograph and you want to sell online then register on Fotolia and Shutterstock and sell your photos there.You will get $100 to million dollars depends on your photography.

10. Painting
If you are a good painter then make an account on e-bay, Amazon, Etsy and sell your paintings there via auction and make money.

So, here I have discussed, 10 easy ways to make money online apart from your job, in some options you required some special knowledge, art or skill and in some option, you just need the general knowledge of the internet.The blogging and youtube are most popular ways to make money online in the world of internet.You can earn exponentially if you have any special skill otherwise you just earn few bucks in a month and require more efforts also.

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