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Security Tips For Safe Mobile Banking and Internet Banking

In the beginning, banking was troublesome and time-consuming. You had to stand in long queue for a long time to deposit or withdraw money. Now it is very easy and simple due to ATMs, CDMs (Cash Deposit Machines), Mobile and internet banking and E-wallets etc. ATM made cash withdrawal easy, CDM made cash deposit easy, online banking made fund transfer and online shopping easy and e-wallets (like PayPal, Paytm, Payoneer, Freecharge, Mobikwik and many more) are becoming very popular due to simple, secure transactions, and cash back offers. All these options make money management very easy and simple for peoples due to which more people have connected to the banks. Nowadays digital transactions increased due to online banking and e-wallets.

Internet Banking

Every bank has its own app and it is encouraging to the customers to use more and more due to that not only the crowd is reduced but customer can also finish its deal quickly without going to the bank. Today banks providing the official apps like state bank anywhere,iMobile from ICICI, Axis Mobile, M-Connect etc.

Services banks provide through mobile or internet banking

  • Pay bills
  • Transfer funds
  • Mobile and Dth recharge
  • Online shopping
  • Book railway or flight ticket
  • Deposit Money
  • Request checkbook
  • Check account balance
  • Link Adhar card in India 

To do all these tasks you do not need to go bank you can do on your fingertip. Apart from this, some banks give points as the reward when any customer is shopping or buy services online. When these reward points reached redeem threshold set by the banks then these reward points can be redeemed at the time of next shopping. Some banks provide cash back offers to make payment using mobile banking or internet banking.

Mobile banking or internet banking is safe or not

Banks use the different types of transaction methods and provide the app update from time to time that makes online banking more secure but still there some points to remember in your mind otherwise your bank balance will become zero within few minutes.It is our responsibility also to keep our bank account details private and secure. Do not share your account information with anyone.
 Here are some security tips for safe mobile banking and internet banking,

1) Register your mobile number and e-mail ID with the bank so that you will get alerts of your transactions and OTP (One Time Password) on that number.OTP makes online transactions more secure.

2) Never store your account details like account number, login details, credit card, debit card and PIN number on your laptop, mobile or any storage devices.

3) Never store your account login credentials in your web browser and in your banking app.
After using online or mobile banking app, clear your browsing history and cache data.

4) Use good anti-virus on your mobile and laptop or desktop and daily update your anti-virus as there are thousands of new viruses and malware created every day and it may come to your system from malicious sites.

5) Never share your bank account details, online or mobile banking login details like username, password , credit card, debit card number and PIN number over the phone even anyone calls from bank ask for details. Banks never asked such details from customers over the phone.

6) Use updated mobile banking app and updated web browser for internet banking.

7) Do not use mobile or internet banking in public places or crowded places use it privately to keep your all account related information secure.

8) Don't Follow Links: There are so many links are coming via SMS, whats app messages and e-mails to download banking apps or login your net banking or e-wallet account.Do not click on these links. These are the fake apps or links that will save your username, password, and if you use such apps or links then your account balance will be zero.

9) Avoid banking while on public networks: In the wake of the free internet can make a huge loss. Actually, the public networks are not as safe as we use Wi-Fi or other networks in our home. Many hackers are engaged in this type of networks. When anyone comes in such networks, hackers can hack the account.

10) Use Official Bank Apps only: As I told, every bank has its mobile app, now you do not have to wander around to download it.Download any banks official app directly from Google Play Store, Android Marketplace,iPhone user can download from iTunes and BlackBerry user download from BlackBerry App World only.

11) Don’t Download and Install Unnecessary Apps: Whatever the app you download whether it is railway or the other app before download take care not to have any thief hidden in your phone.If you have already downloaded a password-saving app on the phone, then either disable it before downloading the bank's app or uninstall it otherwise it will save the account details and your account will be hacked.

12) Enable Google Tracking Service on Mobile Device: It is very important to keep your phone in hand and keep Google tracking service on in it so that if someone will steal your phone then at least your bank's information will be safe. Apart from this, you can delete all the phone's data in case of theft if you have enabled google tracking service.

13) In case of mobile lost or stolen call customer care or visit the branch and disable the banking app as soon as possible.

So, these were some tips for safe and secure mobile banking and internet banking. I hope it will helpful to you if have any other suggestion or idea to secure online banking you can comment so that it will help others.

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  1. I like where you suggest making sure your mobile banking app is updated. My husband and I have been meaning to find a new banking app but aren't sure what the best way to do this is. Hopefully, we can consider all of our options and choose the best one.