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What is net neutrality? Why net neutrality important to protect internet?

You may know a lot about the Internet but for some days much news about net neutrality is coming out and there will be a little bit of confusion in your mind that “what is net neutrality?” and  “Why net neutrality is important for us?” Here I'm going to talk about net neutrality. And we will try to know how important it is for us. The discussion of net neutrality is getting quite hot in the USA and some peoples have landed on the streets in protest.

At present, the issue of net neutrality is getting hot in the USA due to FCC (Federal Communications Commission) have voted against the net neutrality. If we talk about other countries like India and European countries there is no issue of net neutrality but suppose that if net neutrality will remove in the USA, then it will effect in other countries also. So first, we will discuss a bit about net neutrality. Today the internet is very important for us and it is important for us to know "what is net neutrality?" Why net neutrality is important for our better Internet Experience?

What is net neutrality?

In simple words, every user should get internet access and experience equally. Suppose there is a user, he is using the internet. Now, what he is using? How he is using? Which internet connection he is using? On which device he is using it? All of these things should not make any difference to internet access, speed and its experience.

Protect Net Neutrality

It should not be that when you use YouTube, you get good speed, but if you use Facebook or any other website, then you will get less speed or bad internet experience and if you want to use Facebook then pay separate money apart from your internet bill to use Facebook in your device. Similarly, if you buy a company's internet, you get good speed and experience but when you buy another company's internet then you do not get that speed and experience.Same way if you are using the iPhone then you get the best internet speed and experience and if you use Samsung or any other company’s devices then you do not get that speed and experience.

So in this case, the freedom you have to use the internet anytime, anywhere you want, it will not be yours and complete power will be in your ISP’s hand. What you can watch, when you can watch on the internet you cannot decide all these things your ISP will decide. Your ISP will govern how much and how you will use your internet.

For example, If you are using desktop or mobile, then you should get same internet speed and its experience but here your ISP can provide you the different speed and experience in both types of devices. So the internet should be open and equal to everyone for every device. This is the main concept of net neutrality where the user has neutral and equal internet access and speed. Yes, it is a different matter that we buy high speed and low-speed data plan, as per our requirements but apart from this, there should not be any discrimination in internet access and its speed. Like which website we will use or not on the Internet, this decision should be our own not our ISP will decide. Now I think that you might have understood Net Neutrality.

There are different rules for different countries about net neutrality. In most of the countries of the world net is neutral but in some countries, there are different rules. For example, in India, European countries net is neutral but in China google and Facebook is banned, in the USA the net was neutral but now the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) says that net is not neutral it depends on IPSs. They can manage internet as per their will. 

Why net neutrality is important for us? 

Net neutrality protects the internet users from wrong profiteering policies of ISPs. It all makes a difference to everyone who is connected to the internet regardless of you are a normal user or a company. Here we will talk about some examples or probabilities of how your ISPs can misuse if net will not neutral.

Example1: Your ISP knows that YouTube is a popular website and most of the users are using YouTube and here if your ISP will say you have to pay money for internet plans but apart from this, you have to pay money separately to use YouTube or any other websites like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Then would you like it? Nobody will like it or accept it.

Example2: It could happen that your ISP can block YouTube as it wants to divert YouTube traffic to Facebook as it got money from Facebook to increase its traffic.

Example3: Your ISP can reduce the internet speed when you open the YouTube and can increase the speed when you open Facebook to divert you to the Facebook. So here, your ISP can force you to use any particular website only. There many concepts here, where your ISP can force you to use any particular website. For example, you use Amazon for shopping but it will not be open or speed will be very low so here either you pay money to use Amazon or use other free website provided by your ISP.

Example4: It may happen that big companies like google, Facebook pay money to the ISPs to increase the speed when anyone opens their website and to reduce the speed of other new websites so here if any new website does not have enough funds to pay to the IPSs then here it will become monopoly and small companies cannot grow.

Example5: Here things can go even further two steps ahead, we have two big mobile platforms available, one is android and the other is iOS. Now here suppose iOS pay money to your ISPs and tell them some internet services should run on iOS only then what would be the scenario even we cannot image that how far it will go. 

Therefore open internet system is very good for everyone otherwise user have to pay different charges for different websites or apps like different packs for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. and users will be confused. So let internet to be open to everyone and it would be quite better for everyone.

Therefore, in USA peoples are protesting and they in favor of net neutrality. In India, there is no such issue here. However, some time back, Facebook tried to bring this type of concept in India and as per the concept Facebook will provide some services free and for some services, it will charge money. But, Facebook did not get permission from government of India as the peoples were against it and Facebook had to drop this concept and at that time government of India make a strong rule in favor net neutrality.

Note: Here some people may think that if any IPS is not supporting net neutrality and robbing the users then "what make difference?" We will take internet services from other ISPs but keep in mind if all ISPs come together and start charging money for some websites or apps then "what would you do?"

I hope you understood now “what is net neutrality?”  Moreover, “why net neutrality is important to save internet?” In fact is it very important for everyone. I wrote this article for the people who do not know about net neutrality so if tomorrow any government or company tries to bring any rule against net neutrality then we can protest and we want to say to the people of USA that we are with you people. As an internet user, we support the people who are in favor of net neutrality.

I hope you like this article if you like it then share it and if you have any question or any opinion then write in comment.   
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