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How to know Radiation Level (SAR Value) of your Smartphone?

Today everyone is using smartphone or mobile phone from village people to city people. Mobile phones and Mobile Towers are transmitting/receiving signals using antennas to connect users. Everyone knows about mobile phone radiation and mobile tower radiation but very few people know about how cell phone radiation is harmful or mobile radiation can cause cancer? What is the safe value of this radiation? What is safe SAR value? How to know Radiation level (SAR value) of your smartphone?You will get the answer of all these questions here.First of all, we should know how mobile phone works.Mobile emit radiofrequency which a non-ionizing radiation using their antennas.Similarly, Mobile Tower is also emitting non-ionizing radiation.Now, this radiation is harmful to humans, birds and animals or not will discuss here.

Mobile Radiation is harmful or causes cancer?

Mobile Radiation

The radiofrequency emitted by Mobile phones/Towers is basically a form of electromagnetic radiation which is a non-ionizing radiation. The electromagnetic radiation is in the form of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. The ionizing radiation is due to the high frequency which uses high power e.g. X-ray, cosmic rays. Whereas non-ionizing radiation is low frequency and low power radiation, televisions are also emitting such type of radiation.Now, this ionizing radiation is very dangerous and can increase cancer. But, for non-ionizing radiation there is no strong evidence is available that can prove the risk of cancer increase. Although it is a suspicion that whatever radiation emitted by mobile or tower is being absorbed by the human body that may damage human cells or brain cells can cause brain tumor or other types of tumor but there is no strong evidence found through research or study. The only one effect is found of this non-ionizing radiation is the heating that we understand with the use of microwave oven.Still, the high value of radiation from the cell phone is not good for health.How can we know that our smartphone is not emitting high value of radiation?To know that we should know about SAR value of that smartphone.

What is SAR Value?

How much radiation your phone is emitting is measured in Specific Absorb Ratio(SAR).SAR is a measure of radiation absorbed by the human body when it comes in the radio frequency electromagnetic field.Human tissues absorb the electromagnetic radiation which is measured in SAR value.In different countries the safe SAR value is different and every equipment manufacturer should design their cell phones or other radiating equipment below this safe SAR value.Generally, the safe value is 1.6 watts/Kg set by FCC in the US, in Europe is it 2watts/Kg, in India, it is 1.6 watts/Kg for public use.So, in US and India phones are not allowed to sell with SAR value above 1.6 watts/Kg.So, How to Know Radiation level(SAR Value) of your mobile? 

Know Radiation Level (SAR Value) of your smartphone.

There are 3 to 4 ways to know SAR value of your smartphone,
1) You can check in the website of government’s Telecom agencies for example on FCC website in USA and TRAI’s web site in India.
2) You can check in manufacturer’s website like Samsung, Apple, LG, and Motorola.
3) SAR value is also given in the User Manual given by the manufacturer. 
4) In the above 3 options, some efforts are required to find out SAR value, but I will show the easiest method here.We can find SAR value using USSD code also, You just need to type *#07# and press call button and your device’s SAR value will be display, If it is less than 1.6 watts/Kg then it is ok otherwise if it is greater than 1.6 watts/Kg then immediately change the phone or use the anti-radiation chip. There are lot of companies are making the anti-radiation chip and it is very cheap also, but it would be quite better if you change the phone. 
Please Note: This USSD code will not work for every device.

Some Tips to stay protected from Mobile Radiation

  • Use Earphones at the time of talking as much as possible,
  • Avoid talking when your battery is low or in poor coverage area without earphone because radiation level is very high at these moments
  • Use anti-radiation chip as I said earlier
  • Try to keep safe distance minimum 6-inches when not using mobile
  • Don’t keep your mobile near your head or below your pillow at the time of sleeping
  • Don’t allow your children to use phone for a long time because they are precious to us
I hope this article will help you to be safe from mobile radiation. Be safe and healthy.If you any question please write in the comment box we will try to answer your question. 
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