Tuesday, 28 November 2017

iPhone X Review with Face Id Feature

Apple has brought new iPhone on its 10th anniversary since iPhone launched called iPhone X or  10.The announcement of iPhone X done in September-2017 and the phone was released in November-2017.Apple called it future of smartphone. This is a new iPhone with completely different design, where you get stainless steel frame which was not used in earlier Apple's phone, glass in front and back side, you will get two colors in silver and space gray, available in two variants 64 GB and 256 GB, 5.8 inch OLED screen with 1125 X 2436 pixels, with Apple's new A11 bionic chip processor, support wireless charging, improved battery life, some new features like face id, new methods of navigating and unlocking the phone. Some features have been removed also. We will discuss all these topics here. Let’s talk about iPhone X Review with Face Id Feature. We will start with physical overview first.
IPhone X Review

Physical Overview

iPhone X  Look

It is available in two colors: Space Gray and Silver with stainless steel frame. Front and back are covered with glass which is curved at all the edges. It looks slightly taller and thinner than iphon8+ with 143.6 mm height, 70.9 mm width and 7.7 mm thin.In the right side don’t say its ON/OFF switch button its apple’s new side button which is used for so many different tasks and below this side button sim tray is available in which you can place only one Nano sim, on left side mute button and below which volume rockers are there, on bottom side there is a lightning port and both sides grills are there one is mic other one is speaker. On the top side you won’t find anything. In the back side apple logo is there and on left side top corner there is a camera system where there are two cameras and one flash b/w cameras that we will discuss later.


The whole display is covered by the glass and all the sides are curved and all corners are rounded and curved using new technology which helps display to completely cover all the curves. Apple introduced new display with dazzles design, 5.8-inch screen with OLED technology the largest display size than its preceding phones which is slightly taller than iPhone 8+. The OLED display with 1125 X 2436 pixels, Apple calls it Super retina or HD+ screen display which provide the color accurate screen, great accuracy to identify deeper blacks, more blinding whites, high brightness with 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio which provides more improved and better picture quality than 8+.


Apple introduced new improved camera system where you will get dual rear camera with 12 megapixels upper camera with f/1.8 Aperture wide lens,12 megapixel lower camera with f/2.4 aperture telephoto lens,dual optical image stabilization,Quad-LED true tone flash,Deeper pixels,new color filter,larger and faster sensor which gives great quality photos and videos even in low light.
There is a 7-megapixel front camera with f/1.8 aperture, portrait mode, and portrait lightning which supports the new feature called Face Id and HRD. It allows the use of animated emoji that reacts according to the user’s facial expressions.


Apple has introduced its new A11 bionic chip processor faster in performance and more efficient than A10 Fusion processor. Apple’s first designed GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and a Neural Engine with an artificial intelligence accelerator that makes it faster can perform around 600 billion operations per second, smarter, more efficient and powerful. A11 bionic chip is also used in iPhone 8 and 8+ so you won’t get much difference in the performance if you compare with 8 and 8+.


Apple has introduced a new modified version of iOS 11.0.1 in iPhone X that makes better use of the different screen layout. One more change that has been done by Apple is the home button and the phone unlock feature Touch ID has been removed.

Facial recognition system or Face ID

Apple replaces the fingerprint scanning Touch ID with the very impressive feature Facial Recognition or called Face Id to unlock the phone. It’s a very powerful and most secure authentication system to unlock the phone. You just need to bring your phone in front of your face and spin your head for some and your phone will be unlocked. To unlock the phone iPhone X will scan your eyes, nose, and mouth.  It uses the adaptive Recognition technique which adapts the changes in your appearance like you wear glass, hat or your beard increased.Even if you are in dark room, walking or you move up your phone on top it works perfectly.

Face ID


With a second generation performance controller, wireless charging system, a battery of  2715 mA-h for which Apple says that it will last around 2 hours longer than iphone8 and 8+ but Apple never show such comparison b/w iPhone X and 8+.We can’t say it’s mind blowing battery life but somewhat better than preceding Phones.

Wireless Charger

iPhone X is also supported wireless charging with a large charging pad. It will take more than 2 hours to charge fully from zero battery, with 15 minutes of charging you will get 20% battery life. If you want more fast charging then you have to spend money to buy USB-C lightning cable and block which somewhat costly.


No doubt it is the most expensive phone in the market but it doesn’t matter for who are crazy for it.64 GB variant costs $999, £999/ AU$1,579/₹ 89000and 256 GB variant costs $ 1,149/ £ 1,149/ AU$1,829/₹1,02000.So as per mine opinion, If you already have iPhone 8 or 8+ then you don’t need to upgrade to iPhone X.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

What is cryptocurrency? And why it is becoming popular?

The cryptocurrency is a digital currency or virtual currency. In crypto currency, you won’t get note or coin of that crypto currency. Unlike you can see dollar, ruble, euro in notes and coins but in cryptocurrency, you will get one number that you can use to buy goods or services. Wow, imagine that you have one currency that you can’t see it, can’t touch it physically which is stored online in your specific E-wallet account and most of the countries, banks and financial agencies are not recognize it as a currency that’s why it is called virtual currency or digital currency or alternative currency. Nowadays, cryptocurrency is growing very fast and becoming the alternative currency. Bitcoin is most popular in cryptocurrency. Most of you guys know or heard about bitcoin and its value is around 8100 US Dollar.A lot of people are investing, trading in bitcoin as they have trust in it.
There are thousands of crypto currency are available apart from bitcoin like Ethereum,Ultracoin,Reddcoin ect. All these coins except Bitcoins are called as Altcoins.You can see the crypto currency list in below table,

Cryptocurrency List / Altcoin List
Aiden (ADN)
Coinye (COYE)
Feathercoin (FTC)
MaruCoin (MARU)
NyanCoin (NYAN)
Unobtanium (UNO)
AlphaCoin (ALF)
CopperLark (CLR)
Grandcoin (GDC)
Maxcoin (MAX)
ParallaxCoin (PLX)
Vertcoin (VTC)
AmericanCoin (AMC)
Diamond (DMD)
Groestlcoin (GRS)
MazaCoin (MZC)
PawnCoin (PAWN)
Whitecoin (WC)
AnonCoin (ANC)
DigiByte (DGB)
KarmaCoin (KARM)
Megacoin (MEC)
Pkr Coin (PKR)
Xencoin (XNC)
AuroraCoin (AUR)
KlondikeCoin (KDC)
Metiscoin (MTC)
Pxl Coin (PXL)
Zetacoin (ZET)
Bonus (BNS)
Dopecoin (DOPE)
LegendaryCoin (LGD)
microCoin (MRC)
QQCoin (QQC)
CasinoCoin (CSC)
DuckDuckCoin (DUCK)
Litebar (LTB)
Mintcoin (MINT)
Quark (QRK)
Chaincoin (CHC)
Earthcoin (EAC)
Litecoin (LTC)
MoonCoin (MOON)
Rapidcoin (RPD)
ReddCoin (RDD)
RonPaulCoin (RPC)
Takcoin (TAK)
Terracoin (TRC)
Tigercoin (TGC)
Coino (CON)
ECCoin (ECC)
LottoCoin (LOT)
Muniti (MUN)
Ultracoin (UTC)

Bitcoin was created in 2009 after that there are thousands of cryptocurrencies have been created. All these thousands of cryptocurrencies are called Altcoins are known as the alternative of Bitcoin.


Why cryptocurrency has become so popular nowadays?

There few reasons that I describe below which make crypto currency popular
1)You don’t  need to give your name to buy cryptocoins.So people can invest their black money in cryptocoins.
2)There is no centralized controlling authority involve b/w buyer and seller during crypto currency transactions.
4)There are no rules and restrictions by the banks and governments of any country in the world for cryptocoin transactions.
3) you can easily buy illegal goods like drugs or weapons using cryptocurrency and is very difficult to find out for governments because cryptocoin is basically a secret number using which people can sell or buy anything.

What is Cryptocurrency Mining?

Cryptocurrency is not only currency but it is an alternate system where there is no centralized controlling system which regulates the whole system.Unlike in normal currency system government, central bank and other controlling authority and verification channels are involved which decides to print of new note based on a lot of factors and control the money rotation in the market and verification channels which verify and secure the money transactions. But in crypto currency, you won’t get new cryptocoins only the existing coins you can sell or buy.Only very few people will get cryptocoins through mining where they are getting some coins as rewards for complete the successful encryption of altcoin transactions. These people are using very powerful computers, GPUs or ASIC to solve the complex math puzzles to complete the cryptocoin transactions. Generally, very powerful computers, GPUs or ASIC are required for bitcoin mining and remaining altcoins can be mine using normal CPUs but it will consume a lot of electricity.So, if you are planning to mine Bitcoin or other altcoins first get details of how many cryptocoins you will get as rewards and how much electricity will be consumed for mining.If electricity consumption is very high and you are getting very fewer coins then you will be in big loss.To overcome the problem of electricity consumption some hackers and even some websites are using some tricks which are called as cryptojacking.

What is cryptojacking?

Sometimes when you use the internet at that time you have noticed about your laptop /desktop fan is running very fast or your laptop or mobile is heating very fast and your CPU utilization is very high when you check in your task manager then you might be the victim of crypto jacking.
Some hackers or websites are using your system’s (laptop/desktop/smartphone) power for cryptocurrency mining.For this, they don’t require to hack your whole system this task is done by one simple JAVA script and this script start mining in the background. So, in simple words utilization of your system’s power for crypto currency mining without your permission or knowledge is called Crypto jacking.  Nowadays some malicious websites are doing jack mining and there might be some popular websites are also doing such activities even you don’t realize it because there are thousands of user are active on their page if they consume a very little amount of power of your system you won’t realize it. Crypto Jacking is right or wrong is different topic to discuss because if some site providing an option to the people either watch adds or allow us to use your system’s power for mining.If any site providing such options to their users then it’s ok otherwise without your permission or knowledge if they are doing jack mining then its wrong.
Some mobile apps are also available in the market which rewards some points that you can redeem as money in your PayPal account if you allow them to mine in the background of your smartphones. Cash Miner of ayeT studio is such type of app available in play store.

Cryptocurrency is legal or illegal?

It is difficult to say it is illegal because in most of the country you can buy cryptocoins but when you want to buy something using this currency then It depends on the country, some county have banned, some have allowed buying goods and services using cryptocoins. But the overall conclusion is that any country or bank have not considered as currency because It is not created by any government or bank or any international agency.

How to use cryptocurrency?

You can trade cryptocoins buy it when its value goes down and sell it when its value comes up. There are so many cryptocurrency exchanges are available where you can buy or sell it.You can sell and buy items and services from companies which consider Altcoin as currency.In cryptocurrency exchange, you can exchange one cryptocoin with other cryptocoin or with other legal currency it depends on services provided by the exchange.

So, I have provided some brief information about cryptocurrency and altcoins.If you have any question or any suggestions you can comment in the comment box.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

What is Bitcoin? And where to buy Bitcoin?

Today most of the people have heard about bitcoin but most of them don’t know what it is?How it works?Where to buy it?It is legal or illegal? What is Bitcoin Mining? I will cover all the points here.So kindly read until the end.

There are two types of currency are available in the market one is Printed currency and the other one is electronic Currency or E-Currency.You know about Doller, Euro, Yen, Ken, Rupee these type of currency are available in the form of the note, coins and  E-wallet like Paypal, Payoneer, Paytm,etc. One of this currency may be available in your wallet or in your  E-wallet but bitcoin is completely different.Though it is called bitcoin neither you can see in the form of note/coin nor you can touch it physically.It is only available in the Electronic form and it will be stored online it is also called virtual currency and it is not controlled by any county or any bank.It is invented by Satoshi Nakamoto the Japanese man or Group in 2009.

There is no bank or any other controlling authority is involved in bitcoin due to which the value is reached today around 8100$(US Doller).For bitcoin transactions, there is no processing fee and you don’t need to give your real name.it is not considered as currency by most of the countries government finance bodies or any Bank, It is just group of peoples who buy and sell mutually based on belief in it.

Now, you have one question here in your mind that If bitcoin is not considered as currency by most of the countries then why people are using it?Most of the peoples are investing their money in it and its transaction is very easy, there is no limitation and rules regulation for this type of transaction you can buy and sell illegal items also as there is no controlling authority. I have one bitcoin and you want to purchase then we can do one to one transaction.

Bitcoin price

How Bitcoin works?

When you purchase bitcoins you will get a secret number that will be stored online in your bitcoin wallet.You can use it to buy goods and services, some companies and organizations consider Bitcoin as currency you can purchase goods and services from these companies/organizations.

How to use Bitcoins?

You can sell bitcoins to the people who want to purchase.Some People buy it as an investment when the value goes up they can book profit by selling them.Generally, some peoples are treading one to one with each other using bitcoins as they have believed in it. The value of one bitcoin is around 8100$ UDS and it is fluctuating as there is no central controlling authority so, it’s very huge amount to spend if you want to purchase some items which are below 1 bitcoin.Well , you can spend the fraction of bitcoin called as Millibitcoin or Satoshi. It can be break up to 8 decimal points. If you divide 1 bitcoin by 1000 then it will become 1 Millibitcoin and if you divide by 100000000 then it will become 1 Satoshi.

Where to Earn Bitcoins?

There are two ways to earn bitcoins simply buy it or “get new through bitcoin mining”
1) How to Buy Bitcoins?
There are so many “Bitcoin Exchanges” available where you can buy and sell Bitcoins.There are some sites also selling and buying it like eToto , coinbase ,iq option , BITTREX , LocalBitcins , BITSTAMP etc.

2)Earn Bitcoins by Mining
There are fix numbers of bitcoins are available in the market to maintain its high value.Then how new bitcoins will come in the market? They come in the market by the mining only. Now let's discuss the Mining Process.

What is Bitcoin Mining?

How to buy coines

Suppose I want to sell bitcoin and one person is want to purchase it.I made the transaction from my end, now the transaction will not be successful until the verification will be done by the sender and buyer.As there is no controlling authority then who will do this verification process?Well, this verification process is done by the miners.There are very complex and difficult math problems need to be solved to complete this verification process, for this purpose you need powerful computers and GPUs or ASIC(Application Specific IC) to solve these math problems to complete transaction who solve these math problems first that person will get some bitcoins around 25 as rewards.This is the only one process through which New bitcoins come in the market.

Bitcoin Is legal or illegal?

Bitcoins are not accepted everywhere, some companies or organization may accept or some may not so it totally depends on the belief of the people in it. But you can buy or sell them easily completely transparent and secure transactions are done.So it’s difficult to answer the question about it is legal or illegal but the use of bitcoins could be illegal.
For example bitcoins can be used in purchase of illegal goods like drugs, weapons and some people invest their black money in the form of bitcoins as it is very difficult to find out the name of the person who buys bitcoin because to buy bitcoin person name is not required and there is no authority or banks are involved in the transactions. The transactions happen between two persons there is no other third person or authority will involve.
 I think now you can understand why the value of bitcoin is so high. If you have any question kindly write in the comment, I will try to answer your question and don’t forget to share the article if you like this article. 

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Best Money Making App of 2017-Cash Pirate

The internet and smartphone have reached to most of the peoples today. With the help of internet and smartphone so many tasks can be done easily and smoothly like mobile recharge, bill payments, money transfer in your or other’s bank account can be done on your fingertip but do you know that you can earn money online?Yes you can earn money online there are so many webs sites that provide the option to earn money online and there so many cash apps are also available using which you can earn money, There are so many cash apps available which pays for paid surveys, watch videos, play games, install apps etc. 

Let’s talk about how these cash apps work?These type of apps give points for completing different offers like watching video adds, paid surveys, play games, install apps and uploading images etc. You can redeem these points as PayPal balance, Mobile recharge, Amazon and other shopping site’s gift cards, virtual visa card, Facebook gift card etc.

There are thousands of cash apps are available which offers to earn money but most of them are fake, scam or pay very less, these types of fake apps are either not giving points after completing offers or they are not making payment at the time of redeem. So, guys don’t west your time and internet data for such fake apps.Then the question is how to identify such fake apps?Well, the simple and best way is before installing any cash app just read the app user’s feedback written in play store. If the feedback is positive then go ahead otherwise don’t waste your time.

I am going to tell you about one best app that I am using, This is a very genuine app, I got payment within half an hour after redeeming the points and I will show you the payment proof also.
I am here talking about Cash Pirate the money making app which provides 3 types of earning options.

1) Install Apps and Complete Surveys,
You will get points for download and run the apps and for completing surveys that offered by the app.

2) Watch Videos,
You will get 2 points for watching 1 video which is offered by adcolony.

3) Refer and earn.
The third and last option is to refer and earn. In this option, you need to invite your friends and relatives to use this app using your referral code. Your friends and relatives need to enter your referral code after login. By doing so your referral will get 500 points when they enter referral code & you will get 10% points from your L1 referral’s points and 5%  points from your L2 referral’s points.

Now, I will show you here how to make money from Cash Pirate.Just follow the below step and you can make money online,
Step 1: Go to Plat Store and type "CashPirate-Make & Earn Money" or simply type Cash Pirate but make sure with symbol shown below.

Cash Pirate

 >Click Install>After installing Click Open.

Step 2: Enter e-mail ID>set password>Click Sign in or register

Step 3: Enter referral Code HFJGBZ or EDMSAW to get 500 points instantly.
Note: if you don’t enter referral code or you skip it by mistake then you won’t get any points.

Make Money Online

Step 4: Click Register to create the account.


Now, after entering the code you will be directed to the Overview page. The interface of this app is very simple and very easy to understand. On the top, it will show top offer in which you will get new apps to install and make some points given in the offer. You just download the app and fulfill the requirement in order to get the point.

Free Cash App

Below the top offer, you can see the box named balance. In Balance, you can see your current points, pending points and one button named Show Offers.Below the balance box, you will get another box of Goal, Hera you can set your goal.In the last, you can see referral box where you can see the count of your referrals L1 and L2.

Make Money by Completing Offers

To earn money you just need to click on show offers button given in the balance box.When you click Show Offers you will get 4 types of offers given by cash pirate.

1) Pirate Picks Offer
When you click Pirate Picks button you will get lots of offers to make points, most of them are paid surveys and the apps that you need to download and run for some time and complete the other requirements like keep the app for 3 days or open for 30 seconds.From apps, you will get limited points but you will get lots of points for completing surveys.I personally got most of the points from the Pirate Picks Offers and you people will also get most of the points from this section only.

2) SponsorPay
From this section, you will get different types of offers like install games, play and reach some level, download apps, register and complete some tasks for those specific apps.From SponsorPay generally, you won’t get many points and most of the times you won’t get points even after completing all the task as per requirement.So don’t west time in this section I personally don’t recommend you. If you still want you can try maybe you will get some points.

Paid Surveys

3) TrialPay
In TrialPay Offers you will get lots of easy games to play online, surveys and some specific tasks for which may be you have to spend some money then only you will get some points.It is very difficult to earn points from here. If we talk about the games here, you have to play very easy games online and make points which are different for different games though it is very difficult to make points from these easy games. If you are very very good in the gaming then you can try your luck here otherwise I don’t recommend to west time here because to make points in these games are very difficult due to very limited time is given to make points and rules and conditions are also strict.

Forth and last option is AdColony where you will get points for watching short videos of 30 seconds to 1 minute.You will get 2 points for watching each video. After watching the video your points will be added to your main balance after some time.

Cash Pirate Payout

When you make 2500 points you can redeem 2.5$ in your PayPal Account or make Mobile recharge of 1800 points.Payout options are different for different counties but if talk about global you can redeem your points via Mobile Recharge, PayPal, Facebook gift card, Prepaid Virtual Visa card etc.Minimum Payout is different for different payout method.

Mobile Recharge                  1800 points
PayPal                                  2500 points = 2.5 $
Facebook Gift Card             5000 points = 5 $
Prepaid Virtual Visa Card   5000 points = 5 $
So, overall minimum cash out is 2.5 $ that you can redeem your PayPal account.

Payment proof

The last and most important topic is the payment proof. I cash out 5 times from cash pirate via PayPal kindly have a look of payout snap and PayPal account snap of payment proof of my earnings from cash pirate.

PayPal Balance

This is one of the good, genuine and honest in payout app. You can earn more money by referring. Please enter referral code HFJGBZ or EDMSAW to get 500 points instantly.
Do try this app and earn money online. I hope this article will help you to earn money from home or earn money online from cash app. If you have any question kindly comment and I will try to answer your question. If you like this article kindly share and subscribe.

Monday, 6 November 2017

How to hide phone number to make it private number?

Sometimes you don’t want to show you’re mobile number to the people whom you are calling. But it is possible to make such setting on your phone so that when you call someone he/she can’t see your number but you can see their number when they call you? Defiantly you can do such settings in your phone by blocking your caller Id information. To hide phone number/make it the private number is very useful especially for women and for everyone who wants to prevent the misuse and malicious activity that can be done with your phone number.
Some people can misuse the private number sometimes just for fun or sometimes in serious crimes also like sexual harassment, blackmailing etc.Kindly don’t involve in such activities otherwise you will have to face a lot of problems. If you involve in such activity defiantly you will be in trouble. 
I am here to show you one trick How to hide phone number to make it private number?
First of all to make private number just check the following prerequisites,
    1. Do your mobile phone have block Caller ID option?I think most of the phone has this option.
    2.Do your mobile operator is providing such facility? If you are from India then first contact your operator and ask them about this facility some operators are charging some amount and they are providing such facility to postpaid users and do not provide to pre-paid users but some operator may provide to pre-paid users so consult to your operator.
To hide phone number /make private number you need to change the setting of caller ID and change to Block Caller ID.I will show here the Block Caller ID settings for
     1. Android phone below Android 4.0 OS,
     2. Above Android 4.0 OS version,
     3. iPhone OS
     4.Windows phone OS and
     5. BlackBerry OS
After clearing the all process from mobile operator just go ahead with following steps.
1.For Android phone below Android 4.0 OS
Open the Setting then
>Click on Call>Click on Additional Settings>Click on Caller ID>Click on Hide Number.
2.For Android 4.0 Above OS version
Open the phone App
>Click Menu Button>Click Call Setting>Click Caller ID>Click Hide Number
Android Phone Block Caller ID

3. For iPhone
Open the Setting then>Click Phone>Show My Caller ID>Make OFF
iPhone Blocked Caller ID

4.For Windows Phone
Open the phone App
>Click on More Button(…)>Click settings>Click Show My Caller ID>Click "No one" or "My Contacts"
Windows Phone Block Caller ID

Note: In windows phone, you will get 2 options 
1)No One if you don't want to show your phone number to nobody &
2)My Contacts if you don't want to show your phone number to the people who are not in your contact number

5.For BlackBerry Phone
Click on Menu
>Click Options>Click general Options>Click Restrict My Identity field>Click to Always.

BlackBerry Block Caller ID

So, by changing the phone setting mentioned above you can make your phone number to private number.
I hope this article will useful to you to protect your privacy. If above mention setting is not working in your phone, kindly make the comment we will try to help you to fix your problem.