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Why google launched new android operating system Oreo Go Edition (Android 8.1)?

Google has launched the new mobile operating system Android 8 called as Oreo in the Aug-2017 which contain so many new features like notification grouping,picture in picture support for videos,supports auto fillers,bluetooth5, Wi-Fi aware,with color gamut with improved performance and optimized battery support.But it is for highly configured hardware devices like Nexus, pixel and other costly devices.You know all about Orio but now google has launched two platforms one is Oreo and the other one is Android Oreo Go Edition.So today we are confused about what is this Oreo Go Edition and for which devices it is and how it will help them.So we will talk about Go Edition here.

Android 8.1

We all know about budget smartphone which is of ₹4000, ₹3000 or ₹ 5000, in which the hardware is not so good.Apart from that, the version of the operating system we get is Marshmallow, Lollipop and Nougat now we are using Android, but we are not enjoying it much compare to high-end devices.So here it was necessary to develop a new version of Android for low-end devices.So google brings a new version of Android which is called Oreo Go Edition for the specific budget targeted devices in which you find very limited hardware specifications such as 1GB or 512 MB RAM & 8GB internal memory.

Normally,we buy budget smartphones that have 8GB internal memory and 1 GB RAM size,but when the phone comes in your hand, the storage in it remains very less as most of the storage is occupied by the Operating system.So for our personal use, if we download a large size app,then we will not have much space left and we will not be able to use the phone properly so here,Android Oreo Go Edition will help us and will solve many of our problems whether it is the performance related or storage related,so that the users who use the budget phones which are of ₹2000, ₹3000 or ₹ 5000, can also use the latest operating system with better performance.So here you will get the Oreo Go Edition only in the budget phone.You will not find this operating system in the highly configured hardware devices like Samsung Galaxy S7 or OnePlus because the hardware in these devices is already able to use the full version of Android Oreo.The Oreo Go Edition is for those devices whose hardware specifications are very limited and it will help them to solve their problems in different ways where the first issue is storage.


We buy the budget smartphone with the storage is only 8GB but now the new smartphones that will come with the Android Oreo go operating system the storage you will get there will be double.This does not mean that you will get 16GB of storage but you will get double free space here because the code of the operating system is small and the size of pre-installed apps will also be less,this way you will get almost double free space.Apart from this,the size of the apps you install is also be reduced almost 50% due to which you will be able to install more applications than before.

Android 8

Here you will get the Files Go app,which you can install in any phone due to which you will be able to manage with great ease your storage.There are some junk files or some other files in your device that you do not need,you can clean them all and in this way, you can maintain your storage and use your device properly.


If we talk about performance here you will get the improved app loading speed that is 15% faster than existing Android operating system.Here you will find specifically developed apps like google's Go variants such as Google Assistant Go, Google Maps go and YouTube Go which will give you the optimized performance according to the hardware of that phone because the hardware of that device is not so good yet you will get a better performance.


Apart from this, the next update is about the security which we all know google's own product the google Play Protector will do this task,which will ensure google play store properly filter all applications so that any malware or spyware can’t come in your mobile which improves the security of your device.

Data Saving

Here one more feature comes out and it is the data saving for the people who use the budget smartphone,they are very concern about their data usage and they don’t want to use unnecessary data for using an app.Here you will get a YouTube go app and many more apps which consume low data, and if you want to share the file locally then you can share your files, photos in offline mode at free of cost and here file transfer is fast and encrypted.All of these options are available in the Oreo Go edition due to which you will be able to use least data.

Newly Designed Play Store

The new design of play store has been introduced here which allows the users to download any app and it will also highlight the apps which will best for that particular device.Apart from this, when you go to the play store, you will find some specific apps which are the variants of the app that are designed for the phones whose hardware is not so strong for example facebook light, skype light, etc.So that you can use these apps easily and your phone's data and other resources couldn’t be used more.

So,guys,this is the completed package of Oreo Go edition specifically designed for the targeted budget smartphone where we were till now used Marshmallow, Lollipop, Nougat etc.but now we will be able to use the latest Android Oreo go Edition with better optimization.You will get Android Oreo go Edition in the phone that could be from Lava,Carbon,Micromax or Intex,where you will get one budget device which will have limited specifications still you will get a stable performance that google promises to us.It will help google to reach more peoples in the world.

I hope you have understood what is the Android 8.1 or Oreo Go Edition? If you have any question write in the comment and we will try to answer your question. 

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