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How to hide phone number to make it private number?

Sometimes you don’t want to show you’re mobile number to the people whom you are calling. But it is possible to make such setting on your phone so that when you call someone he/she can’t see your number but you can see their number when they call you? Defiantly you can do such settings in your phone by blocking your caller Id information. To hide phone number/make it the private number is very useful especially for women and for everyone who wants to prevent the misuse and malicious activity that can be done with your phone number.
Some people can misuse the private number sometimes just for fun or sometimes in serious crimes also like sexual harassment, blackmailing etc.Kindly don’t involve in such activities otherwise you will have to face a lot of problems. If you involve in such activity defiantly you will be in trouble. 
I am here to show you one trick How to hide phone number to make it private number?
First of all to make private number just check the following prerequisites,
    1. Do your mobile phone have block Caller ID option?I think most of the phone has this option.
    2.Do your mobile operator is providing such facility? If you are from India then first contact your operator and ask them about this facility some operators are charging some amount and they are providing such facility to postpaid users and do not provide to pre-paid users but some operator may provide to pre-paid users so consult to your operator.
To hide phone number /make private number you need to change the setting of caller ID and change to Block Caller ID.I will show here the Block Caller ID settings for
     1. Android phone below Android 4.0 OS,
     2. Above Android 4.0 OS version,
     3. iPhone OS
     4.Windows phone OS and
     5. BlackBerry OS
After clearing the all process from mobile operator just go ahead with following steps.
1.For Android phone below Android 4.0 OS
Open the Setting then
>Click on Call>Click on Additional Settings>Click on Caller ID>Click on Hide Number.
2.For Android 4.0 Above OS version
Open the phone App
>Click Menu Button>Click Call Setting>Click Caller ID>Click Hide Number
Android Phone Block Caller ID

3. For iPhone
Open the Setting then>Click Phone>Show My Caller ID>Make OFF
iPhone Blocked Caller ID

4.For Windows Phone
Open the phone App
>Click on More Button(…)>Click settings>Click Show My Caller ID>Click "No one" or "My Contacts"
Windows Phone Block Caller ID

Note: In windows phone, you will get 2 options 
1)No One if you don't want to show your phone number to nobody &
2)My Contacts if you don't want to show your phone number to the people who are not in your contact number

5.For BlackBerry Phone
Click on Menu
>Click Options>Click general Options>Click Restrict My Identity field>Click to Always.

BlackBerry Block Caller ID

So, by changing the phone setting mentioned above you can make your phone number to private number.
I hope this article will useful to you to protect your privacy. If above mention setting is not working in your phone, kindly make the comment we will try to help you to fix your problem.

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