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How to Format Windows 7?

We will learn here How to format windows7? Before we start, I want to discuss why we need to format our laptop? Well, the main reason is due to virus, malware or ransomware attack on your system. Basically, there are 3 types of format that we generally do base on our needs,

1.Format only system drive where your Windows7 is installed,

2.Format all Drives or Full Hard Disk Format without creating new partition and

3. Format all Drives or Full Hard Disk Format with new partition

We will learn here How to format Windows7? Specifically to format System Drive or C Drive. 

Generally, Windows7 or any OS is installed by default on the C Drive. Before formatting the System drive take the back up of all important data then we can start format laptop windows7. After taking back just follow the steps below to format laptop windows7.

Step 1: Open CD/DVD ROM of your Laptop/Desktop and Insert Windows7 CD whatever version you have like Windows7 Home, Windows7 Professional.

Note: Friends please don’t use pirated or crack of Windows7 to format laptop.Use only original Windows7 if you use pirated or crack of Windows7 then your system will not be secure there is the highest probability of virus infection.

If you use original Windows7 you will get complete protection from virus, malware or ransomware attack even you don’t need to install anti-virus also just need to regularly update your windows7 and your system will be protected by the operating system.

If you don’t have original windows7 you can purchase online from the following link just click on the following link to purchase windows7 online.

Step 2: Now Restart your Laptop/Desktop.

Go to Start>click on Triangle just next to Shut Down>Click Restart.
At the time of restart, you will get the following screen 
Step3: Press F12 to Boot the CD then you will get 3 options shown below 
1)Hard Drive,
2)CD/DVD/CD-RW Device and 
Select CD/DVD/CD-RW Device and Press Enter.

Step4: When you select CD/DVD/CD-RW Device and Press Enter another screen will open and the system will ask to press any key to boot from CD or DVD as shown below.
After Pressing any key Windows will load the file.
Step5: After loading files, one dialog box will appear where you have to fill following details,

             Language to install : English,
Time and currency format : English (United States) and
Keyboard or input method: US as shown in below image and Click on Next Button.

Step6: Now click on Install Now Button as shown below.
Step7: After that tick mark on I accept the license terms and click on Next Button as shown in below image.
Step8: Now select the Custom (Advanced) option shown below

Step9: Now very very important step is coming here you have to be very careful. Here you have to select in which drive you want to install Windows7.Most of the new users get confused or make mistake here.
Here you have 2 options 
1) You can choose your drive where you want to install windows or 
2)You can create new partition using Drive options (advanced) as shown in below image

If you have created 3 partitions previously then you will get 5 partitions on Dell laptops,
Partition 1: DELLUTILITY for OEM which is reserved, 
Partition 2: System Reserved, 
Partition 3: Primary, 
Partition 4 and 5: Logical.

Install Windows7 in C Drive

Select Partition 3: Primary if you want to install Windows7 in C Drive and click on Next Button and Click on OK.
Now, Windows7 Installation will start on C Drive. Wait for some time.
In windows7 installation process after Installing Updates your laptop/Desktop will restart.
After restart  windows7 installation will continue.
Now after completing Windows7 installation again your laptop/desktop will restart.

Step10: Type user name and computer name and click on Next Button.
Step11: Enter Windows7 product Key written on your CD/Cover of CD, tick mark on the option Automatically activate Windows when I’m online and Click on Next button.
Step12: Click on Use recommended settings
Step13: The final step is Review your time and date settings. Select time zone and tick mark on Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time and click next.

Now your system will start soon, install the Laptop Drivers and your laptop is ready to use.
So this was the simple procedure of How to format windows 7? If have any questions kindly comment I will try to answer your question.

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