Saturday, 10 February 2018

10 easy ways to make money online apart from your job

If your salary finished in half a month, then you need extra income that you can earn in your free time. Now you have to find some sources that can earn a little in less time then here to make money online is the best way. Here you will get 10 easy ways to make money online apart from your job from which you can earn few bucks.Sometimes it happens that people earn more than salaries but much of this depends on your interest and talent in that field.

earn money online without investment

1. Write an eBook
If you have mastered any subject you can write an ebook on that subject, it is not necessary to have degree or certification of that subject you can write on your hobby also if you have deep knowledge of it. Sit down and write something. An e-book is prepared in just 40 thousand words and the most successful ebook is usually 40 thousand words. It will have to agree that it will take time but write it down a little while.Once you write it your work is done. There are many online platforms that are selling eBooks.You get a bigger share of it.You just have to write a book and submit your ebook for sale and initially give your bank details and after that, you will get the message will keep coming.Amazon is the best place to sell the ebook.

2. Write blog
If you are scared of writing a long ebook, then no matter, blog writing will be fine for you. Here you can write small articles related to your subject.You have to give some time to understand how to write on blogs etc.Once you have got a good number of readers, then you start earning from many ways like Google ads, Associate Marketing, Link Promotion etc.

3. Make YouTub channel
If you have more expertise in speaking than writing then you can start the YouTube channel and earn money by monetizing your video after getting approval from Google Adsense. You can make your video on your hobby and interest like cooking, acting, singing, technology, painting, designing, teaching etc. In the beginning, you have to work hard to make 1000 subscribers and 4000 hrs watch time within a year to get your Adsense account approved.Once your Adsense account is approved the monetization will enable on your videos and ads will be displayed on your videos and you will be paid for those ads.

4. Work as a freelancer
Freelancing is becoming very popular nowadays for those who want to work from home as it gives the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime and for whom you want to work and give very good income. Some people are earning more money than a job here.If you have any skill in programming, designing, writing, data entry then you can earn a lot of money by working as a freelancer.So many websites provide freelancers to like upwork, freelancer, Fiverr, people per hour and work n hire.You can register on these websites, get work and make money apart from your job.

5.Micro Jobs
If you don’t have any skill or specific knowledge in any field then don’t worry you can do micro jobs and earn some money from it.In micro jobs you have to complete some small and easy tasks like watch ads, surveys, captcha filling, form filling, sign up, tweet and share posts, read e-mails, app review, etc.You will get minimum $0.1 for completing one task.Here you cannot become rich from these micro jobs, these types of jobs are best for students and housewife who want to earn some money. By working 3-4 hrs daily you can earn $100-$200 in a month. Amazon mechanical turk, microworkers ,crowdflower, clixsense, neobux, paidverts are best sites which provide such micro jobs, you just go to these sites register there and start earning.I won’t recommend for captcha filling and form filling as it takes much time and the payout is very less.

6 Affiliate marketing 
If you have millions of page like on facebook or millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram then you can earn money by promoting products and affiliate links.There so many online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snap deal, Clickbank that gives commission for selling their products via affiliate links.You just need to make an account on these sites, get affiliate links of products and promote these affiliate links on your facebook page, Instagram, twitter when anyone clicks on these links and buy products then you will get the commission.

7. Buy and Sell domain
It is like property dealing, you need to buy a domain name it will be your property and you can sell it through auction. For example, etc is a domain name. Some popular domains have sold in millions. But before buying any domain name make sure it is not to be listed company’s name, it is illegal and unethical. Try to buy the domain name with .com extension because it is very popular otherwise you can buy with .in,.org,.xyz extension also.You can buy the domain from GoDaddy, bigrock and you can sell domain via auction on GoDaddy, Sedo, and flippa .Some people doing this as a full-time business and they are earning a lot of money.

8. Teaching Online
In the past, in today and tomorrow, this work was the biggest hit and will remain. If you are a master of a subject, then give your knowledge to others as well.Apart from the money, you will also get a certificate of teaching. There is no shortage of employment in this field.You can teach in any coaching center or an institute. All the universities also call the faculty as a guest.You can give home tuition or you can teach children to your home.But this method is offline teaching.Nowadays you can teach online also some websites provide such opportunity.You just make an account on register there and you will get paid hourly for teaching.

9. Photography
Nowadays you can sell photographs online also.If you are a good photographer or if you have any other unique photograph and you want to sell online then register on Fotolia and Shutterstock and sell your photos there.You will get $100 to million dollars depends on your photography.

10. Painting
If you are a good painter then make an account on e-bay, Amazon, Etsy and sell your paintings there via auction and make money.

So, here I have discussed, 10 easy ways to make money online apart from your job, in some options you required some special knowledge, art or skill and in some option, you just need the general knowledge of the internet.The blogging and youtube are most popular ways to make money online in the world of internet.You can earn exponentially if you have any special skill otherwise you just earn few bucks in a month and require more efforts also.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Different automation levels of driverless cars

A driverless car also called an autonomous car, self-driving car or robotic car. It is not completely driven by the automation system, some part of driving controlled by the system and human driver controls some part of it. A complete driverless car has not developed yet. Some leading companies in technology and car manufacturing like Google, Apple, Tesla, Audi, and Ford are working to develop fully automated driverless cars. Not all types of self-driving cars are same, there are different levels of theirs. Some companies are trying its own way to bring its own self driving car in the market. 

SAE International (Society of Automotive Engineers) has defined 6 levels of an autonomous vehicle that will decide which level your car will work itself and when a driver has to take control of steering or sit idle.

ASE Levels of selfdriving cars

Level 0: No Automation
Here human performs all driving functions. Here, human driver handles steering, monitor the driving environment and control the speed of the vehicle by acceleration or deceleration. Today’s ordinary low budget cars fall in this category where the automated system in such vehicles have no control on driving but it issues suggestions and warnings in some high budget cars. 

Level 1: Driver Assistance
Here driving control is shared between driver and automated system. Here, automated system controls speed and the driver has to control steering, this is called Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC).You can use parking assistance where steering is controlled by the automated system and driver controls the speed. Lane Keeping Assistance (LKA) type 2 is another feature that helps a driver to keep in lane. When the car is deviating from traffic lane the automated system will detect it and alert to the driver. Some companies provide the combination of ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) and LKA (Lane Keeping Assistance) to provide more safety.  

Level 2: Partial Automation
In this level, automated system controls accelerator, brake, and steering. Driver must have to monitor driving and always have to be prepared to take control immediately at any time if the automated system is not responding properly. Tesla’s autopilot system is an example of this level although some people consider it in level 3 also due to the minor difference between level 2 and 3.

Level 3: Conditional Automation
Here automated system controls driving and driver attention are requires when the system tells to take control, otherwise, the driver can watch a movie as the vehicle will handle all critical and immediate actions like the emergency brake. Here driver still needs to be prepared to take control at any time when the automated system tells to do so. Audi A8 is a first commercial level 3 self-drive car for which the company claims. 

Level 4: High Automation
This is similar to Level 3 but here drive attention or control is not required for safety, here driver may sleep or leave seat also. This complete self-driving applicable in limited areas or under some special circumstances like traffic jams. Except for these areas or circumstances, a driver has to take control otherwise automated system may stop the drive by safely parking the vehicle. Google and Waymo are working to develop level 4 autonomous car and others companies are also working to launch high automation cars in next few years. 

Level 5: Full Automation
A human driver is not required, here automated system controls and monitors all driving functions even steering is optional. We can call it a robotic taxi.

Right now we are on level 2 and working on level 4 and skipping level 3 as it is not much different than level 2.So we will go to level 4 and after that in future may be on level 5.There are some pros and cons of a driverless car.


  • The main aim to develop autonomous vehicle is to reduce accidents. As per the study, 9 accidents out of 10 are caused due to human error. It will reduce accidents drastically and save the life of peoples which directly beneficial to insurance companies.
  • It will significantly reduce traffic and congestion.
  • Here computer calculates the safe speed for a drive, monitor the environment and optimizes the speed so it will reduce travel time also.

  • Due to self driving cars thousands of driver will lose their jobs in one country and millions of in the world.
  • It will consume more fuel in high traffic areas so it would be costly.
  • If the people will not adopt it widely then it would be costly, time-consuming and can increase accidents.

In this article, we have covered different automation levels of driverless cars and some pros and cons of driverless cars.So would you like to travel in a driverless car?You can answer in the comment.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Security Tips For Safe Mobile Banking and Internet Banking

In the beginning, banking was troublesome and time-consuming. You had to stand in long queue for a long time to deposit or withdraw money. Now it is very easy and simple due to ATMs, CDMs (Cash Deposit Machines), Mobile and internet banking and E-wallets etc. ATM made cash withdrawal easy, CDM made cash deposit easy, online banking made fund transfer and online shopping easy and e-wallets (like PayPal, Paytm, Payoneer, Freecharge, Mobikwik and many more) are becoming very popular due to simple, secure transactions, and cash back offers. All these options make money management very easy and simple for peoples due to which more people have connected to the banks. Nowadays digital transactions increased due to online banking and e-wallets.

Internet Banking

Every bank has its own app and it is encouraging to the customers to use more and more due to that not only the crowd is reduced but customer can also finish its deal quickly without going to the bank. Today banks providing the official apps like state bank anywhere,iMobile from ICICI, Axis Mobile, M-Connect etc.

Services banks provide through mobile or internet banking

  • Pay bills
  • Transfer funds
  • Mobile and Dth recharge
  • Online shopping
  • Book railway or flight ticket
  • Deposit Money
  • Request checkbook
  • Check account balance
  • Link Adhar card in India 

To do all these tasks you do not need to go bank you can do on your fingertip. Apart from this, some banks give points as the reward when any customer is shopping or buy services online. When these reward points reached redeem threshold set by the banks then these reward points can be redeemed at the time of next shopping. Some banks provide cash back offers to make payment using mobile banking or internet banking.

Mobile banking or internet banking is safe or not

Banks use the different types of transaction methods and provide the app update from time to time that makes online banking more secure but still there some points to remember in your mind otherwise your bank balance will become zero within few minutes.It is our responsibility also to keep our bank account details private and secure. Do not share your account information with anyone.
 Here are some security tips for safe mobile banking and internet banking,

1) Register your mobile number and e-mail ID with the bank so that you will get alerts of your transactions and OTP (One Time Password) on that number.OTP makes online transactions more secure.

2) Never store your account details like account number, login details, credit card, debit card and PIN number on your laptop, mobile or any storage devices.

3) Never store your account login credentials in your web browser and in your banking app.
After using online or mobile banking app, clear your browsing history and cache data.

4) Use good anti-virus on your mobile and laptop or desktop and daily update your anti-virus as there are thousands of new viruses and malware created every day and it may come to your system from malicious sites.

5) Never share your bank account details, online or mobile banking login details like username, password , credit card, debit card number and PIN number over the phone even anyone calls from bank ask for details. Banks never asked such details from customers over the phone.

6) Use updated mobile banking app and updated web browser for internet banking.

7) Do not use mobile or internet banking in public places or crowded places use it privately to keep your all account related information secure.

8) Don't Follow Links: There are so many links are coming via SMS, whats app messages and e-mails to download banking apps or login your net banking or e-wallet account.Do not click on these links. These are the fake apps or links that will save your username, password, and if you use such apps or links then your account balance will be zero.

9) Avoid banking while on public networks: In the wake of the free internet can make a huge loss. Actually, the public networks are not as safe as we use Wi-Fi or other networks in our home. Many hackers are engaged in this type of networks. When anyone comes in such networks, hackers can hack the account.

10) Use Official Bank Apps only: As I told, every bank has its mobile app, now you do not have to wander around to download it.Download any banks official app directly from Google Play Store, Android Marketplace,iPhone user can download from iTunes and BlackBerry user download from BlackBerry App World only.

11) Don’t Download and Install Unnecessary Apps: Whatever the app you download whether it is railway or the other app before download take care not to have any thief hidden in your phone.If you have already downloaded a password-saving app on the phone, then either disable it before downloading the bank's app or uninstall it otherwise it will save the account details and your account will be hacked.

12) Enable Google Tracking Service on Mobile Device: It is very important to keep your phone in hand and keep Google tracking service on in it so that if someone will steal your phone then at least your bank's information will be safe. Apart from this, you can delete all the phone's data in case of theft if you have enabled google tracking service.

13) In case of mobile lost or stolen call customer care or visit the branch and disable the banking app as soon as possible.

So, these were some tips for safe and secure mobile banking and internet banking. I hope it will helpful to you if have any other suggestion or idea to secure online banking you can comment so that it will help others.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

What is net neutrality? Why net neutrality important to protect internet?

You may know a lot about the Internet but for some days much news about net neutrality is coming out and there will be a little bit of confusion in your mind that “what is net neutrality?” and  “Why net neutrality is important for us?” Here I'm going to talk about net neutrality. And we will try to know how important it is for us. The discussion of net neutrality is getting quite hot in the USA and some peoples have landed on the streets in protest.

At present, the issue of net neutrality is getting hot in the USA due to FCC (Federal Communications Commission) have voted against the net neutrality. If we talk about other countries like India and European countries there is no issue of net neutrality but suppose that if net neutrality will remove in the USA, then it will effect in other countries also. So first, we will discuss a bit about net neutrality. Today the internet is very important for us and it is important for us to know "what is net neutrality?" Why net neutrality is important for our better Internet Experience?

What is net neutrality?

In simple words, every user should get internet access and experience equally. Suppose there is a user, he is using the internet. Now, what he is using? How he is using? Which internet connection he is using? On which device he is using it? All of these things should not make any difference to internet access, speed and its experience.

Protect Net Neutrality

It should not be that when you use YouTube, you get good speed, but if you use Facebook or any other website, then you will get less speed or bad internet experience and if you want to use Facebook then pay separate money apart from your internet bill to use Facebook in your device. Similarly, if you buy a company's internet, you get good speed and experience but when you buy another company's internet then you do not get that speed and experience.Same way if you are using the iPhone then you get the best internet speed and experience and if you use Samsung or any other company’s devices then you do not get that speed and experience.

So in this case, the freedom you have to use the internet anytime, anywhere you want, it will not be yours and complete power will be in your ISP’s hand. What you can watch, when you can watch on the internet you cannot decide all these things your ISP will decide. Your ISP will govern how much and how you will use your internet.

For example, If you are using desktop or mobile, then you should get same internet speed and its experience but here your ISP can provide you the different speed and experience in both types of devices. So the internet should be open and equal to everyone for every device. This is the main concept of net neutrality where the user has neutral and equal internet access and speed. Yes, it is a different matter that we buy high speed and low-speed data plan, as per our requirements but apart from this, there should not be any discrimination in internet access and its speed. Like which website we will use or not on the Internet, this decision should be our own not our ISP will decide. Now I think that you might have understood Net Neutrality.

There are different rules for different countries about net neutrality. In most of the countries of the world net is neutral but in some countries, there are different rules. For example, in India, European countries net is neutral but in China google and Facebook is banned, in the USA the net was neutral but now the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) says that net is not neutral it depends on IPSs. They can manage internet as per their will. 

Why net neutrality is important for us? 

Net neutrality protects the internet users from wrong profiteering policies of ISPs. It all makes a difference to everyone who is connected to the internet regardless of you are a normal user or a company. Here we will talk about some examples or probabilities of how your ISPs can misuse if net will not neutral.

Example1: Your ISP knows that YouTube is a popular website and most of the users are using YouTube and here if your ISP will say you have to pay money for internet plans but apart from this, you have to pay money separately to use YouTube or any other websites like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Then would you like it? Nobody will like it or accept it.

Example2: It could happen that your ISP can block YouTube as it wants to divert YouTube traffic to Facebook as it got money from Facebook to increase its traffic.

Example3: Your ISP can reduce the internet speed when you open the YouTube and can increase the speed when you open Facebook to divert you to the Facebook. So here, your ISP can force you to use any particular website only. There many concepts here, where your ISP can force you to use any particular website. For example, you use Amazon for shopping but it will not be open or speed will be very low so here either you pay money to use Amazon or use other free website provided by your ISP.

Example4: It may happen that big companies like google, Facebook pay money to the ISPs to increase the speed when anyone opens their website and to reduce the speed of other new websites so here if any new website does not have enough funds to pay to the IPSs then here it will become monopoly and small companies cannot grow.

Example5: Here things can go even further two steps ahead, we have two big mobile platforms available, one is android and the other is iOS. Now here suppose iOS pay money to your ISPs and tell them some internet services should run on iOS only then what would be the scenario even we cannot image that how far it will go. 

Therefore open internet system is very good for everyone otherwise user have to pay different charges for different websites or apps like different packs for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. and users will be confused. So let internet to be open to everyone and it would be quite better for everyone.

Therefore, in USA peoples are protesting and they in favor of net neutrality. In India, there is no such issue here. However, some time back, Facebook tried to bring this type of concept in India and as per the concept Facebook will provide some services free and for some services, it will charge money. But, Facebook did not get permission from government of India as the peoples were against it and Facebook had to drop this concept and at that time government of India make a strong rule in favor net neutrality.

Note: Here some people may think that if any IPS is not supporting net neutrality and robbing the users then "what make difference?" We will take internet services from other ISPs but keep in mind if all ISPs come together and start charging money for some websites or apps then "what would you do?"

I hope you understood now “what is net neutrality?”  Moreover, “why net neutrality is important to save internet?” In fact is it very important for everyone. I wrote this article for the people who do not know about net neutrality so if tomorrow any government or company tries to bring any rule against net neutrality then we can protest and we want to say to the people of USA that we are with you people. As an internet user, we support the people who are in favor of net neutrality.

I hope you like this article if you like it then share it and if you have any question or any opinion then write in comment.   

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Who is the owner of Internet? How does the Internet works?

Nowadays internet is increasing day by day due to the cheap smartphone and cheaper data plan. Millions of people in the world are connecting to the Internet every day and share information with each other. This information could be in the form of image, video or text. Many people will have a question in their minds that who is the owner of the Internet? The answer is not so simple but it is not difficult also, so we will talk about this here.

A lot of people would have believed that there will be a US company which provides the internet to the service providers of different countries of the world but this is not at all.To understand this first we need to know how it works? 

How does the internet works?

If we Talk about the Internet, two things are very important first is the website and the other is its server. A website is for user’s interaction and server controls the website and stores the data of website and it will fetch data for the user from its storage.Now the user and server of any website they both are connected with each other via the network and this network could be wired or wireless or combination of both but I not going to talk about any technology here.


Millions of users can be on one website at a time which is connected to the server. For Example, we log in to the Facebook from mobile or laptop and whatever data or information we are getting that is fetched from the Facebook server but I am in India and the server is in California, US. Here there must be one physical connection which could be wired, wireless or combination of both that connect one user in India to the server located in the US.Now,I think you got some understanding of how to it works. 

Who is the owner of the internet? 

There are internet service providers (IPSs) in every country which provide internet services to the local users but every ISPs doesn’t have such giant infrastructure that can connect one server in the US to the users in all countries of the world. But still, these ISPs provide the services to its customers for every website.For example, in India Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance JIO are big ISPs or local broadband service providers like Hathway, Tikona, etc but they don’t have their own physical connectivity with the serves in the US so how they are providing services to their customers.Well, the answer is there are different levels of ISPs that provide the different level of services we categories these IPSs in three tiers or level which is tier1,tier2, and tier3.

Tier 1 ISPs

They provide the connectivity between different counties or continents via optical fiber cable. They have installed Optical fiber cables in the sea using their own money. This type of ISP is called tier 1 which are AT&T, Verizon, Level 3, NTT, DoCoMo, TaTa etc.They are also called as the internet backbone. These are the companies which have connected Asian counties to the US, European countries to the US and vice versa through installing their own cables in the sea. Obviously, they have spent a lot of money. Now we talk about tier 2.

Internet Service Providers

Tier 2 ISPs

In tier 2 there are some companies which have the big network on countrywide, they are purchasing worldwide internet connectivity called transit services from tier 1 and provide peering services also to other ISPs. In the USA it is NTT America, Telia, Global Telecom and Technology(GTT) and in India, it is Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance JIO, BSNL which provide such services. 

Peering: Generally, the two IPSs are exchanging their traffic with each other for free of cost is called peering. For example, one ISP name A doesn’t have connectivity in California and other ISP name B doesn’t have connectivity in New York.So A and B will provide connectivity or network resources to each other.A will provide connectivity to B in New York and B will provide connectivity to A in California, of course at free of cost but their traffic should be same.  

Tier 3 ISPs

These service providers purchase internet connection from tier2 ISPs and sometimes from tier 1 also. They have very limited subscriber area it could be one city or one state also. Some local Broadband service providers will come in this tier.

The overall conclusion is tier1 ISPs who provide worldwide connectivity, Tier2 ISPs who provide data connectivity country level and tier3 who provide connectivity to the city level. But we can say that tier1 ISPs act as a backbone between tier2 and website server. So we can’t say for particular person or organization is the owner of the internet. For Example, if any company have optical fiber cable in the sea and it has in one country full connectivity still that company can’t be the owner of the internet because it doesn’t have its own connectivity or infra in other counties of the world.So,the internet depends on the physical infrastructure of networks which could be wired or wireless which cover all countries of the world and it is not possible for any organization or person to build such giant physical infrastructure. 

So I hope you understood now about the owner of the internet. I hope you like this article please share it and you have any question write in the comment. We will try to answer your question.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Why google launched new android operating system Oreo Go Edition (Android 8.1)?

Google has launched the new mobile operating system Android 8 called as Oreo in the Aug-2017 which contain so many new features like notification grouping,picture in picture support for videos,supports auto fillers,bluetooth5, Wi-Fi aware,with color gamut with improved performance and optimized battery support.But it is for highly configured hardware devices like Nexus, pixel and other costly devices.You know all about Orio but now google has launched two platforms one is Oreo and the other one is Android Oreo Go Edition.So today we are confused about what is this Oreo Go Edition and for which devices it is and how it will help them.So we will talk about Go Edition here.

Android 8.1

We all know about budget smartphone which is of ₹4000, ₹3000 or ₹ 5000, in which the hardware is not so good.Apart from that, the version of the operating system we get is Marshmallow, Lollipop and Nougat now we are using Android, but we are not enjoying it much compare to high-end devices.So here it was necessary to develop a new version of Android for low-end devices.So google brings a new version of Android which is called Oreo Go Edition for the specific budget targeted devices in which you find very limited hardware specifications such as 1GB or 512 MB RAM & 8GB internal memory.

Normally,we buy budget smartphones that have 8GB internal memory and 1 GB RAM size,but when the phone comes in your hand, the storage in it remains very less as most of the storage is occupied by the Operating system.So for our personal use, if we download a large size app,then we will not have much space left and we will not be able to use the phone properly so here,Android Oreo Go Edition will help us and will solve many of our problems whether it is the performance related or storage related,so that the users who use the budget phones which are of ₹2000, ₹3000 or ₹ 5000, can also use the latest operating system with better performance.So here you will get the Oreo Go Edition only in the budget phone.You will not find this operating system in the highly configured hardware devices like Samsung Galaxy S7 or OnePlus because the hardware in these devices is already able to use the full version of Android Oreo.The Oreo Go Edition is for those devices whose hardware specifications are very limited and it will help them to solve their problems in different ways where the first issue is storage.


We buy the budget smartphone with the storage is only 8GB but now the new smartphones that will come with the Android Oreo go operating system the storage you will get there will be double.This does not mean that you will get 16GB of storage but you will get double free space here because the code of the operating system is small and the size of pre-installed apps will also be less,this way you will get almost double free space.Apart from this,the size of the apps you install is also be reduced almost 50% due to which you will be able to install more applications than before.

Android 8

Here you will get the Files Go app,which you can install in any phone due to which you will be able to manage with great ease your storage.There are some junk files or some other files in your device that you do not need,you can clean them all and in this way, you can maintain your storage and use your device properly.


If we talk about performance here you will get the improved app loading speed that is 15% faster than existing Android operating system.Here you will find specifically developed apps like google's Go variants such as Google Assistant Go, Google Maps go and YouTube Go which will give you the optimized performance according to the hardware of that phone because the hardware of that device is not so good yet you will get a better performance.


Apart from this, the next update is about the security which we all know google's own product the google Play Protector will do this task,which will ensure google play store properly filter all applications so that any malware or spyware can’t come in your mobile which improves the security of your device.

Data Saving

Here one more feature comes out and it is the data saving for the people who use the budget smartphone,they are very concern about their data usage and they don’t want to use unnecessary data for using an app.Here you will get a YouTube go app and many more apps which consume low data, and if you want to share the file locally then you can share your files, photos in offline mode at free of cost and here file transfer is fast and encrypted.All of these options are available in the Oreo Go edition due to which you will be able to use least data.

Newly Designed Play Store

The new design of play store has been introduced here which allows the users to download any app and it will also highlight the apps which will best for that particular device.Apart from this, when you go to the play store, you will find some specific apps which are the variants of the app that are designed for the phones whose hardware is not so strong for example facebook light, skype light, etc.So that you can use these apps easily and your phone's data and other resources couldn’t be used more.

So,guys,this is the completed package of Oreo Go edition specifically designed for the targeted budget smartphone where we were till now used Marshmallow, Lollipop, Nougat etc.but now we will be able to use the latest Android Oreo go Edition with better optimization.You will get Android Oreo go Edition in the phone that could be from Lava,Carbon,Micromax or Intex,where you will get one budget device which will have limited specifications still you will get a stable performance that google promises to us.It will help google to reach more peoples in the world.

I hope you have understood what is the Android 8.1 or Oreo Go Edition? If you have any question write in the comment and we will try to answer your question. 

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

How to know Radiation Level (SAR Value) of your Smartphone?

Today everyone is using smartphone or mobile phone from village people to city people. Mobile phones and Mobile Towers are transmitting/receiving signals using antennas to connect users. Everyone knows about mobile phone radiation and mobile tower radiation but very few people know about how cell phone radiation is harmful or mobile radiation can cause cancer? What is the safe value of this radiation? What is safe SAR value? How to know Radiation level (SAR value) of your smartphone?You will get the answer of all these questions here.First of all, we should know how mobile phone works.Mobile emit radiofrequency which a non-ionizing radiation using their antennas.Similarly, Mobile Tower is also emitting non-ionizing radiation.Now, this radiation is harmful to humans, birds and animals or not will discuss here.

Mobile Radiation is harmful or causes cancer?

Mobile Radiation

The radiofrequency emitted by Mobile phones/Towers is basically a form of electromagnetic radiation which is a non-ionizing radiation. The electromagnetic radiation is in the form of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. The ionizing radiation is due to the high frequency which uses high power e.g. X-ray, cosmic rays. Whereas non-ionizing radiation is low frequency and low power radiation, televisions are also emitting such type of radiation.Now, this ionizing radiation is very dangerous and can increase cancer. But, for non-ionizing radiation there is no strong evidence is available that can prove the risk of cancer increase. Although it is a suspicion that whatever radiation emitted by mobile or tower is being absorbed by the human body that may damage human cells or brain cells can cause brain tumor or other types of tumor but there is no strong evidence found through research or study. The only one effect is found of this non-ionizing radiation is the heating that we understand with the use of microwave oven.Still, the high value of radiation from the cell phone is not good for health.How can we know that our smartphone is not emitting high value of radiation?To know that we should know about SAR value of that smartphone.

What is SAR Value?

How much radiation your phone is emitting is measured in Specific Absorb Ratio(SAR).SAR is a measure of radiation absorbed by the human body when it comes in the radio frequency electromagnetic field.Human tissues absorb the electromagnetic radiation which is measured in SAR value.In different countries the safe SAR value is different and every equipment manufacturer should design their cell phones or other radiating equipment below this safe SAR value.Generally, the safe value is 1.6 watts/Kg set by FCC in the US, in Europe is it 2watts/Kg, in India, it is 1.6 watts/Kg for public use.So, in US and India phones are not allowed to sell with SAR value above 1.6 watts/Kg.So, How to Know Radiation level(SAR Value) of your mobile? 

Know Radiation Level (SAR Value) of your smartphone.

There are 3 to 4 ways to know SAR value of your smartphone,
1) You can check in the website of government’s Telecom agencies for example on FCC website in USA and TRAI’s web site in India.
2) You can check in manufacturer’s website like Samsung, Apple, LG, and Motorola.
3) SAR value is also given in the User Manual given by the manufacturer. 
4) In the above 3 options, some efforts are required to find out SAR value, but I will show the easiest method here.We can find SAR value using USSD code also, You just need to type *#07# and press call button and your device’s SAR value will be display, If it is less than 1.6 watts/Kg then it is ok otherwise if it is greater than 1.6 watts/Kg then immediately change the phone or use the anti-radiation chip. There are lot of companies are making the anti-radiation chip and it is very cheap also, but it would be quite better if you change the phone. 
Please Note: This USSD code will not work for every device.

Some Tips to stay protected from Mobile Radiation

  • Use Earphones at the time of talking as much as possible,
  • Avoid talking when your battery is low or in poor coverage area without earphone because radiation level is very high at these moments
  • Use anti-radiation chip as I said earlier
  • Try to keep safe distance minimum 6-inches when not using mobile
  • Don’t keep your mobile near your head or below your pillow at the time of sleeping
  • Don’t allow your children to use phone for a long time because they are precious to us
I hope this article will help you to be safe from mobile radiation. Be safe and healthy.If you any question please write in the comment box we will try to answer your question.